Saturday, November 16, 2013

Monsterpedia Vol. 2

66 Pages of DOOM!

These guys were crazy enough to do it AGAIN and somehow managed to find MORE people crazy enough to go along for the ride:

Corey AllemeierGene BlakefieldSarah DickenJordan Kotzebue, Travis KotzebueDana SweeneyDev MadanKarin Madan, Erin Middendorf, Augie PaganDavid Ryan Paul



Here's the preview for the book which you can buy in all it's glory here:

Monsterpedia Vol.1

84 Pages of AWESOME!

Contributing artists include:

Misael Armendariz, Gene Blakefield, Lynn Hogan, Jordan Kotzebue,Noah Maas, Dev Madan, Karin Madan, Rob McDaniel, Monte Michaelis, Stephen Notley, David Ryan Paul, Adrian Yorozu... Yay, AWESOME!

The book is available here: